Aff Playbook Review

Years ago, I first stumbled on to affiliate marketing and making money online by pure luck. I met someone who was the same age as me, but seemed to always have all the toys, he always seemed to treat everyone when it came time to pickup the tab. He had many expensive hobbies and lived in the expensive parts of the city. I asked him many times what he did to earn his money, it took persistence but after a few months he finally gave in and started to give me some information. He gave in (I’m sure he got sick of me asking) and started to educate me about affiliate marketing and driving traffic via PPC and PPV/CPV to affiliate offers. I was instantly addicted and knew this was my way to success. It has been a bumpy ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Once I thought I had made it, in 2010 I eventually found a training forum called Aff Playbook. They helped me take my earnings and knowledge to the next level and I would NEVER GO BACK!


Who can become successful? Here is just a small handful of success stories from Aff Playbook. (There are over 200 current success stories posted).

Bazi has earned over half a million dollars ($500,000) in affiliate commission in just over 1 year (12 months).

Casey is earning over $2800+ each and every day.

Bella is now earning over $10k each month.

Jamtal has earned over $50,000 in 1 month!

Vivek has earned $250,000 in 28 days.

Atilla has earned over $370,000 in 3 1/2 months.

Jack has been earning $15-20k off of a current event.

Carlo has made $7.2k in his first month.

Leslie is making almost $900 profit in a day.

Buster has reached just under $1000 in daily profit!

Again, these are only 6 of over 200+ success stories on Aff Playbook. Once you join, head over to the success stories forum to read these and many other success stories.


So above are some of the success stories we have seen, but why doesn’t everyone find success? Believe it or not, most people in life do not want this kind of success. I mean people may talk about it and wish they had it, but they don’t really want it. To get this type of success you need to want it so bad that you only have one option – to succeed (failure isn’t an option). Most people are happy with the status-quo and having just enough to get by. Not me baby, I want it all. I want the nice hours, nice cars, nice dinners, the cottage, the vacations, I want it all. Settling for me has never been an option. The fact that you are HERE tells me settling and status-quo is NOT an option for you either (unless you came here by accident).


Did you know that most people in North America are living paycheck to paycheck. This means most people are treading water and if a small wave comes by (such as their employer making a payroll error), they won’t be able to pay their bills? That doesn’t even take account to some of the larger things that could happen such as being laid off, a depression, minor or major home repair, a vehicle breaking down, being sued. Who wants to live this way? Who wants to just have enough to get by in good times? Unfortunately, most people are happy in this situation. I can tell you without a doubt, this is NOT for me, is it for you?


The scary thing, most of the people are living paycheck to paycheck don’t want to make change and they don’t want to see others make the change to. If you were to tell one of these people that you are planning on making money online or making money with internet marketing or making money with affiliate marketing – they would probably have tons of “advice” for you about how bad it is or how it won’t work or how it’s all a ripoff. I would never take advice from any of these people. Why? They have never done it. If they haven’t even tried it, why would you even consider listening to their opinion on the subject? Would you take advice from an overweight person on how to lose weight? Would you take investing advice on how to drive from someone who doesn’t have a drivers license and has never driven? Of course not. So why listen to people about making money online if they have never done it. This might sound harsh, but it’s the truth – if someone hasn’t done something themselves, they shouldn’t be giving advice on it!


It’s never been easier than now to make money online. I repeat – it’s never been easier than now to make money online! Some people may not agree, but I truly believe this. I see more and more people find success each month, each week, each day than ever before! There are so many different ways to accomplish this these days.


So why do many people fail to make money online? There are many answers to this. Most give up way to early to find success. Most people don’t have the right tools or strategies to make money online. Here are some common reasons why people fail to make money online:

  • Direct Link
  • Don’t track
  • Use Free Hosting
  • Don’t use the right tools
  • Give up too early
  • Try random things opposed to following a plan/strategy
  • Don’t network with others
  • Don’t set the right goals
  • Don’t hold themselves accountable
  • They Quit

Doing any one of the above dramatically decreases your chances to succeed. Unfortunately many people do more than one of the above.


So how do you increase your chances of success? Aff Playbook is the answer. They will show you the proper strategies that have proven to produce success for thousands of people (currently there are over 6000+ members). Members of Aff Playbook dramatically increase there chances of success in making money online. If you’re ready to start on your path to success, Aff Playbook is ready to help you and show you the way.

Here’s the accomplishments of the owner of Aff Playbook.

  • Has been the TOP Affiliate on multiple affiliate networks on a monthly basis
  • Consulted with Affiliate Networks to help them grow
  • Run countless (hundreds, thousands, etc) or successful campaigns across multiple well known and popular traffic sources
  • Personally coached thousands of affiliates
  • Build a training program on what they have learned over the years
  • Has hosted multiple sold out private masterminds, all of which have received positive reviews and feedback

Here is what Aff Playbook offers:

  • Team of successful affiliate marketers and people who have been money online helping and coaching you.
  • Step by step lessons, case studies, and tips on popular traffic sources like PPV, PPC, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Mobile, SEO, and more.
  • Multiple Tools including landing page builders and spy tools.
  • Training videos, article on all major traffic sources
  • Insider information on many things related to affiliate marketing.
  • Lessons and guides focused on product and offer creation. Learn how to get started creating your own products or offers. This is huge!
  • Lessons on building landing pages, implementing code, & tracking. We also have free landing page templates and code samples ready to use.
  • Business and productivity advice. Learn how to run your business for maximum profit and scalability. We teach you everything you need to know.
  • Successful affiliates, network owners, and traffic sources all happy to share their advice and help you grow your business.
  • Tons of recent success stories, frequent contests with cool prizes, live webinars, and much, much more.
  • The forum is a very active community that people love to be a part of. Make friends and network with successful people in the industry.


If you’re serious about success. You need to commit right now and make the decision and statement that YOU WILL BECOME SUCCESSFUL. This is a choice and only you can make the choice. Are you ready to commit to success? Make your decision! Do you want a status-quo life? or do you want a great one?


Hopefully you have committed to success. Trust me, this is the right choice. It might be a difficult path, but Aff Playbook is here for you.